Patent Number: 8,820,191

Title: Center mount handguard

Abstract: A handguard assembly for a handlebars is provided. In one embodiment, the handguard mounting assembly includes a pair of arm members, a pair of shields, and a pair of mounting devices. In this embodiment, the mounting devices are configured to connect to an inner portion of at least one of the handlebars. Each arm member is configured to connect to one of the pair of mounting devices and is further configured to connect to an end portion of a respective handlebar. Each arm member includes an elongated front configured to extend in front of a handlebar. The elongated front includes a shield engaging portion, and a bend formed by at least an upwardly angled portion and a downwardly angled portion.

Inventors: Laivins; Kenneth T. (Hebron, OH), Laivins; Glen A. (Hebron, OH)

Assignee: CV Products Consolidated LLC

International Classification: B62K 21/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018