Patent Number: 8,820,225

Title: Apparatus and method for sensing and controlling the concentration of pulp in a concentrated pulp stream

Abstract: A juice processing apparatus includes a concentrator for generating at least one concentrated pulp stream, and a pulp pasteurizer coupled downstream from the concentrator. A flow restrictor is coupled in the at least one concentrated pulp stream for generating a pressure drop therein. The pressure drop is indicative of a concentration of pulp in the at least one concentrated pulp stream. At least one pressure sensor is associated with the flow restrictor for sensing the pressure drop. A controller is for controlling the concentrator based upon the sensed pressure drop.

Inventors: Milla; Jose D. (Lakeland, FL), Schrader; Gregory W. (Lakeland, FL), Suter; Michael L. (Lakeland, FL), Danner; David S. (Land O Lakes, FL)

Assignee: John Bean Technologies Corporation

International Classification: A23L 2/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018