Patent Number: 8,820,313

Title: Transportable kitchen

Abstract: The present invention relates generally to a trailer that can be stored compactly for transport to and from tailgating events. The custom tailgating and team entertainment trailer can be transported to a sporting event where tailgating is promoted, or hauled behind the family car to a children's team event. The customized trailer is formed from a steel frame shaped similar to a conventional 4.times.6 utility trailer upon which various kitchen equipment and appliance are supported and provides a 2000 pound gross vehicle weight rating for easy mobility and towing from a standard 17/8'' hitch ball. A flat upper panel encloses the equipment when stored, and provides a horizontal support surface when deployed. A event grill is rollably deployed from behind a door on the trailers first side and, when extended, provides a five foot wide, four burner grilling surface provided with cooking fuel from pair of LP propane tanks mounted to a tank rack positioned for easy accessability and control at the trailer's front end. The rear of the trailer supports a double rear access door to allow for access and egress to the substantial enclosed storage area within, including a roll-out shelf for supporting ample other portable equipment, and a bin storage door mounted the trailers second side provides access to a rolling, two tier wire pull drawer for additional food storage adjacent to a prep tray door from which can be deployed a stainless steel, slide out preparation table.

Inventors: Lutes; Eugene (Massillon, OH)


International Classification: F24C 1/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018