Patent Number: 8,820,345

Title: Construction equipment machine with hydraulic pressure controlled selecting system

Abstract: A construction equipment machine has a lower frame and an upper frame rotatably connected, the machine having at least one hydraulic pilot circuit comprising a primary hydraulic pilot line running from the upper frame to the lower frame through a rotary joint for controlling the operation of at least one hydraulic device located on the lower frame, including: a pressure regulating system capable of setting in the pilot circuit a pilot pressure having a value; a hydraulic pressure controlled selecting system which is located on the lower frame and is fed by the primary hydraulic pilot line, at least two independent secondary pilot lines located downstream of the pressure controlled selecting system, and wherein said hydraulic pressure controlled selecting system is capable of selectively and independently supply or not supply pressurized fluid to the independent secondary pilot lines, responsive to the value of the pilot pressure.

Inventors: Gergaud; Marc (Vieu, FR), Charvieux; Philippe (La Tour du Pin, FR)

Assignee: Volvo Compact Equipment SAS

International Classification: G05D 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018