Patent Number: 8,820,426

Title: Rotary weeding device

Abstract: A rotary weeding device is disclosed and includes: a cylindrical shell; a motor and a transmission connected to the motor, both of which are provided within the shell; a shaft driven by the transmission; and a composite cutter arranged at a distal end of the shaft; the motor may be driven by a DC battery or AC to drive the transmission, and thus rotating the composite cutter through the shaft; a proximal end of the shell is provided with a connecting rod connected to a control handle, with power lines of the DC battery passing through the connecting rod; and the control handle is provided with a speed tuning switch and a charging socket. The weeding device is advantageous over the existing weeding device for the manner of rotary drilling-cut and breaking of both leaves and roots of individual weeds. The nearby grassland may not be damaged during the weeding operation because the composite cutter is small. The weeding device is also advantageous for a higher efficiency and a better effect over the traditional manual weeding.

Inventors: Lv; Ke (Tianjin, CN)


International Classification: A01B 33/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018