Patent Number: 8,820,444

Title: Electric vehicle having exchangeable battery modules and method of resupply therefor

Abstract: An Electric Vehicle Having Exchangeable Battery Modules and Method of Resupply Therefor. The device of the present invention is a electrically-powerable vehicle that provides the user with a usage pattern very similar to one experienced through use of an internal-combustion-powered vehicle. That is to say that the operating cost for the vehicle is "pay as you go," rather than the user needing to pay an exorbitant up-front fee in order to purchase the vehicle. In order to accomplish this, the battery modules for use in the vehicle are exchangable by an individual driver. As a battery module becomes discharged, the user is able to visit a recharging station and exchange his or her discharged battery module with a fully charged module. The user is then be charged an amount that is relative to the number of exchanges and/or re-charge energy consumed. In order to enable this sort of system, and the battery modules are of standard size, and interface with a module tracking and monitoring system. The vehicle purchaser is able to purchase a vehicle without purchasing the battery modules, and then simply rent or lease the battery modules, as desired. Finally, the vehicle has an internal power mode selector switch system that permits the user to select different circuitry alignments for the power being supplied by the battery modules, including parallel, serial and individual. This allows the driver to control the trip length and our propulsion power available to the driver.

Inventors: Nguyen; Tuan (Tustin, CA)


International Classification: B60K 1/00 (20060101); B60W 10/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018