Patent Number: 8,820,500

Title: Auxiliary and motive electric power pick-up structure for land vehicles

Abstract: An auxiliary and motive electric power pick-up structure for articulated and non-articulated land vehicles, such as electric public transport vehicles, that pass close to a collector-shoe-type power supply member mounted on a stationary support (17) along the route of the vehicle and positioned at intervals along the length of the route in order to provide auxiliary and motive electric power to the vehicle by way of the shoe (16). The structure comprises at least one conductor rail mounted on insulating supports (11) attached to the vehicle by suspension points (34), each including an elastic suspension unit (30) and a pneumatic, hydraulic or other type active suspension unit (33). In the case of articulated vehicles, the pick-up structure is divided into power supply segments (14) separated by a conducting link (19) at each articulated unit of the vehicle.

Inventors: Andre; Jean-Luc (Molsheim, FR)

Assignee: Lohr Industrie

International Classification: B60L 5/42 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018