Patent Number: 8,820,567

Title: Talking trash receptacle

Abstract: The present invention is a talking trash receptacle that includes a lid that is removably placed on the receptacle, a plurality of speakers that are disposed on the lid that emit an audio message alerting one or more users that the receptacle is full, a beam sensor that runs across the receptacle and senses when trash and debris contained and piled-up in the receptacle intersect the beam sensor and a trash bag that is disposed within the receptacle that contains the trash and debris that are contained and piled-up within the receptacle. The receptacle also includes a trash can that contains the trash bag and the trash and debris, a speaker board that serves as a base of the speakers that are disposed on the speaker board and a plurality of sensor holding arms that secures the beam sensor in place that runs across the top portion of the receptacle.

Inventors: Cutler; Don (Bakersfield, CA)


International Classification: B65D 25/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018