Patent Number: 8,820,660

Title: Aromatic shower head device

Abstract: A shower head assembly having a fragrant releasing device operable to release a scent when water is passed through the shower head assembly is provided. Preferably the fragrant releasing device is formed in part by a gelatinous material operable to release a predetermined scent when placed in contact with water. The shower head assembly includes a housing and an outlet. In one embodiment, the shower head assembly includes a spacer disposed in a gap between the face of the outlet and an outer edge of the housing. The fragrant releasing device is disposed within the chamber so as to be in fluid communication with the inner space of the housing. In another embodiment, the chamber is disposed on the face. A cartridge is configured to be fittingly disposed within the chamber. The cartridge releases a scent when water is introduced into the housing and through the nozzles of the face.

Inventors: Ajagbe; Adebowale (Detroit, MI)


International Classification: B05B 7/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018