Patent Number: 8,820,710

Title: Pushbutton mechanism for multi-measure controlling a feeder valve

Abstract: The pushbutton mechanism comprises a lower part (1) and a cover (2) which are connected to each other and together constitute a house; a push bar (3) being in contact with the cover (2) and passing through an opening (5) in the lower part (1) and protruding out from that; an activation surface being on the cover (2); a biasing spring (4) between the cover (2) and the lower part (1) providing mechanic bias at the initial position of the pushbutton mechanism; and the cover (2) is able to move from its initial position when approaching relatively to the lower part (1) in response to an external pressing force. The cover (2) is formed as a single piece and is attached to the lower part (1) so that it is movable to an angled position compared to its initial position, the angled position of the cover (2) and thus that part of the displaced push bar (3) protruding out of the lower part (1) is depending on the point of exertion the pressing force within the activation surface.

Inventors: Bereznai; Jozsef (Budapest, HU)

Assignee: Bery Intellectual Properties Szellemi Tulajdonjogokat Hasznosito es Kezelo Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag

International Classification: F16K 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018