Patent Number: 8,820,828

Title: Foldable artist bench

Abstract: A foldable artist bench includes a seat panel and first and second legs pivotally coupled to opposing ends of the seat panel so as to be pivotal between a working position and a storage position folded alongside the seat panel. A work support panel is formed integrally with the first leg at one end so as to be foldable therewith into the storage position. The second leg is spaced inwardly from the end of the seat panel such that the work support can be used in multiple operating positions including supporting the seat panel: i) horizontally with the work support upright at one end; ii) upright with the work support similarly upright; or iii) upright with the work support transversely oriented at the top end of the upright seat panel.

Inventors: Hayles; Adrian (Toronto, CA)


International Classification: A47B 83/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018