Patent Number: 8,821,083

Title: Machine tool including a plurality of tool spindles and a frame shaped rack

Abstract: The invention relates to a machine tool (1), comprising a plurality of fixed tool spindles (3) and such that can optionally be displaced from a retracted idle position to an extended working position and can be positioned at different positions in a frame-like rack (2), and a workpiece carrier (4) with at least one workpiece holder (5), with the workpiece (4) carrier being movable at least in several axes in a translational manner and preferably also in a rotational manner. In order to provide advantageous constructional conditions it is proposed that at least one of the tool spindles (3) is associated with a tool magazine (7) plus tool changer (8).

Inventors: Haas; Roland (St. Georgen/Gusen, AT), Dirnberger; Klaus (Enns, AT)

Assignee: Anger Machining GmbH

International Classification: B23C 1/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018