Patent Number: 8,821,122

Title: Integrally bladed rotor disk for a turbine

Abstract: An integrally bladed rotor disk (20) for a turbine, including rotor blades (40), which are joined in a substance-to-substance bond to a disk element (30), and a sealing device (60) for preventing or reducing the extent to which cooling air is able to flow from a high-pressure side (12) of the rotor disk (20) through openings (24) on the rotor disk (20) to a low-pressure side (14) of the rotor disk (20).

Inventors: Borufka; Hans-Peter (Starnberg, DE), Stiehler; Frank (Bad Liebenwerda, DE), Arrieta; Hernan Victor (Rzeszow, PL), Prokopczuk; Patrick (Munich, DE), Lorenz; Joachim (Altomuenster, DE)

Assignee: MTU Aero Engines GmbH

International Classification: F01D 5/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018