Patent Number: 8,821,197

Title: Fuse terminal

Abstract: In a fuse terminal in which a frame is formed by a bottom wall part, a pair of sidewall parts and a top wall part, a pair of contact terminals are respectively arranged at right and left positions within the frame, and the tab terminal of a fuse advanced into the frame is inserted between the pair of contact terminals and closely made in contact therebetween by contact loads due to elastic restoring forces of the pair of contact terminals, one of the contact terminals is a wound spring type contact terminal which is formed by being extended from the frame and folded for a plurality of times along the one sidewall part, and the other contact terminal is a leaf-spring type contact terminal which is extended from the frame through a flexible rod part and arranged almost in parallel to the other sidewall part via a gap.

Inventors: Muro; Takashi (Makinohara, JP)

Assignee: Yazaki Corporation

International Classification: H01R 11/22 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018