Patent Number: 8,821,210

Title: Brassiere with customizable vertical lift

Abstract: An adjustable support brassiere comprises traditional bra elements--a bra band with closure; breast cups; and respective shoulder straps. Adjustability may comprise inner support cups having opposite ends being selectively attached on each breast cup, and a respective support strap being secured to each inner support cup, with a distal end of the support strap secured to an adjustment clip, which may releasably secure a portion of the shoulder strap. Adjustably securing different portions of the shoulder strap causes lifting and reconfiguring of the inner support cup to produce a desired amount of substantially vertical lifting to the woman's breast(s) in one embodiment, which is generally healthier for breast tissue than the typical inward displacement. Adjustments may be made by a woman throughout the day to alter her appearance as desired. Alternative embodiments permit lifting as well as inward/outward displacement, and may therefore serve as a minimizer.

Inventors: Solotoff; Brandon (Nutley, NJ)


International Classification: A41C 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018