Patent Number: 8,821,356

Title: Fitness bar

Abstract: A multi-piece fitness bar may include an outer, a middle, and an inner bar. The three bars may be annular and nested, one inside of the next in size. The inner bar may protrude from the ends of the middle bar, and the middle bar may protrude from the ends of the outer bar. A end-cap may be configured to hold the bars in place and in a staggered manner with respect to each other. The end-cap may include staggered internal surfaces, each designed to mate with and hold in place a specific bar. The multi-piece fitness may provide from several combinations of weight, depending upon which of the bars are used in combination or individually. Each bar may be coated with an external grip. The end-cap may provide for clearance fits between the three bars to protect the external grips and facilitate interchangeability.

Inventors: Burke; Jonathan (Windermere, FL)


International Classification: A63B 21/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018