Patent Number: 8,821,721

Title: Oil recovery boom

Abstract: The oil recovery boom of the present invention is designed to collect great amounts of oil if used in conjunction with many other booms. The oil recovery boom includes a set of eductors, and removes the adjacent oil for extraction from the sea. A high pressure pump placed at one end of the boom takes water from the sea and pumps it through a flexible manifold. The manifold in turn provides water pressure to each eductor and, the oil carried with the water is then pumped into a barge or containment with overflow sections, which will then separate the oil from the water for later processing. Embodiments of the present invention adopts an array of eductors which can be positioned either in series or in parallel. The oil recovery boom of the present invention provides for the immediate and large-scale removal of oil from the sea.

Inventors: Torres; Luis Rafael (Chula Vista, CA)


International Classification: E02B 15/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018