Patent Number: 8,822,371

Title: Process for producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies

Abstract: A process for producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies K whose active material is a multielement oxide of stoichiometry [Bi.sub.1W.sub.bO.sub.x].sub.a[Mo.sub.12Z.sup.1.sub.cZ.sup.2.sub.dFe.sub.- eZ.sup.3.sub.fZ.sup.4.sub.gZ.sup.5.sub.nO.sub.y].sub.1, in which a finely divided oxide Bi.sub.1W.sub.bO.sub.x with the particle size d.sub.50.sup.A1 and, formed from element sources, a finely divided intimate mixture of stoichiometry p.5.sub.h with the particle size d.sub.50.sup.A2 are mixed in a ratio of a:1, this mixture is used to form shaped bodies and these are treated thermally, where (d.sub.50.sup.A1).sup.0.7(d.sub.90.sup.A1).sup.1.5(a).sup.-1.gtoreq.820.

Inventors: Raichle; Andreas (Dresden, DE), Horstmann; Catharina (Ludwigshafen, DE), Rosowski; Frank (Mannheim, DE), Muller-Engel; Klaus Joachim (Stutensee, DE), Borchert; Holger (Offstein, DE), Cox; Gerhard (Bad Duerkheim, DE), Cremer; Ulrich (Mannheim, DE)

Assignee: BASF SE

International Classification: B01J 23/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018