Patent Number: 8,822,749

Title: Process for the preparation of an olefinic product

Abstract: Process for the preparation of an olefinic product, which process comprises reacting an oxygenate feedstock and an olefinic co-feed in a reactor in the presence of an oxygenate conversion catalyst comprising a molecular sieve having one-dimensional 10-membered ring channels, and a further molecular sieve having more-dimensional channels, wherein the weight ratio between the one-dimensional molecular sieve and the further molecular sieve is in the range of from 1:1 to 100:1, to prepare an olefinic reaction effluent; separating the olefinic reaction effluent into at least a first olefinic fraction and a second olefinic fraction; recycling at least part of the second olefinic fraction; and recovering at least part of the first olefinic fraction as olefinic product.

Inventors: Van Westrenen; Jeroen (Amsterdam, NL), Chewter; Leslie Andrew (Amsterdam, NL), Winter; Ferry (Amsterdam, NL)

Assignee: Shell Oil Company

International Classification: C07C 1/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018