Patent Number: 8,822,810

Title: Collector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules

Abstract: A interconnected arrangement of photovoltaic cells is readily and efficiently achieved by using a unique interconnecting strap. The strap comprises electrically conductive fingers which contact the top light incident surface of a first cell and extend to an interconnect region of the strap. The interconnect region may include through holes which allow electrical communication between top and bottom surfaces of the interconnect region. In one embodiment, the electrically conductive surface of the fingers is in electrical communication with an electrically conductive surface formed on the opposite side of the strap through the through holes of the interconnect region. The interconnection strap may comprise a laminating film to facilitate manufacture and assembly of the interconnected arrangement.

Inventors: Luch; Daniel (Morgan Hill, CA)


International Classification: H01L 31/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018