Patent Number: 8,822,868

Title: Gas-insulated high-voltage power circuit breaker

Abstract: A simplified construction of a gas-insulated high-power circuit breaker with a saving of components is achieved by at least one hole and at least one leaf spring, which is fastened on one side and is elastically bendable in dependence upon the pressure of the insulating gas in the compression volume, being formed in a valve plate of the valve. The bendable spring closes off the hole when the circuit breaker closes and opens it when the circuit breaker opens as soon as the pressure of the compressed insulating gas in the compression volume exceeds the value of the gas pressure in the low-pressure chamber by at least two bar.

Inventors: Kehr; Timo (Birrhard, CH), Hunger; Olaf (Schaffhausen, CH), Nufer; Jurg (Dubendorf, CH), Ohlsson; Daniel (Wettingen, CH), Mahdizadeh; Navid (Baden, CH), Mantilla; Javier (Baden, CH), Grob; Stephan (Baden, CH), Buergler; Mathias-Dominic (Baden-Dattwil, CH), Gariboldi; Nicola (Nussbaumen, CH)

Assignee: ABB Technology AG

International Classification: H01H 33/867 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018