Patent Number: 8,822,880

Title: Method and device for controlling the power transmitted by a laser to a reference point, soldering device and method

Abstract: In accordance with said control method, the transmission of the laser beam is periodically interrupted with the aid of means for masking the laser beam placed between the reference point and a source of the laser beam. Moreover, the transmission power of the source of the laser beam is varied between the minimum and maximum values, such that the emission times of the source of the laser beam at the minimum power substantially coincide with the masking times of the laser beam via the masking means. Preferably, the minimum value is at least equal to 10% and the maximum value at most equal to 90% of a maximum emission power of the source of the laser beam.

Inventors: Morelle; Jean-Michel (Beaugency, FR), Vivet; Laurent (Bois d'Arcy, FR)

Assignee: Valeo Etudes Electroniques

International Classification: B23K 26/06 (20140101); B23K 1/005 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018