Patent Number: 8,823,262

Title: Helical slow-wave structure including a helix of rectagular cross-section having grooves therein adapted to receive supporting rods therein

Abstract: The present invention provides a helical slow-wave structure, including a helix, a metal barrel and several supporting rods. The plurality of supporting rods may be inserted into the lines of the grooves tightly, this increases the contact area between the helix and the plurality of supporting rods. With a proper assembly method, the thermal contact resistance between helix and supporting rod may be decreased. So, the invention may enhance the capability of transferring the heat out of the helical slow-wave structure. The helix may have higher heat capacity, therefore, the helical slow-wave structure may become more firm, and more reliable.

Inventors: Wei; Yanyu (Chengdu, CN), Liu; Luwei (Chengdu, CN), Gong; Yubin (Chengdu, CN), Xu; Xiong (Chengdu, CN), Yin; Hairong (Chengdu, CN), Yue; Lingna (Chengdu, CN), Liu; Yang (Chengdu, CN), Xu; Jin (Chengdu, CN), Wang; Wenxiang (Chengdu, CN)

Assignee: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

International Classification: H01J 23/26 (20060101); H01J 25/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018