Patent Number: 8,869,434

Title: Boot for sporting activities

Abstract: The invention is a boot (1; 100) comprising a shaped shell (2; 101) including a rear portion (3; 102) that surrounds the heel (T) of the user's foot (P) and a front portion (4; 103) that develops mainly along a longitudinal axis (X) and surrounds the distal region (D) and the top (S) of the foot (P) and is 5 telescopically associated with the rear portion (3; 102) to which it is connected through fixing means (5). One of the front (4; 103) and rear portions (3; 102) is provided with a plurality of first through holes (6; 104) defining longitudinal axes (Z1; Z'1) that are parallel to each other and separated by a predefined distance (L1; L'1) and are selectively arranged coaxially to second through 10 holes (7; 105) made in the other one of the rear (3; 102) and front portions (4; 103), where they house the fixing means (5), in such a way as to vary the length of the shaped shell (2; 101) by discrete values.

Inventors: Peraro; Massimo (Arre, IT), Rosato; Giuseppe (Casella d'Asolo, IT), Rosato; Lorenzo (Casella d'Asolo, IT)

Assignee: La Rocca di Rosato L. & C. S.N.C.

International Classification: A43B 3/26 (20060101); A43B 5/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00