Patent Number: 8,869,489

Title: Crack inducer apparatus

Abstract: Crack inducer apparatus including: a support body and a cracking strip fixable to the support body, the support body having: two or more mounting formations formed for mounting to separate reinforcing bar, each mounting formation being spaced from another or the other mounting formation by a predetermined spacing and being formed to prevent rotation about an axis orthogonal to the separate reinforcing bar when mounted thereto; and one or more strip fixing formations formed to accommodate fixing of the cracking strip to the support body; a trunk assembly from which the mounting formations and the or each strip fixing formations extend, each formation having a spatial disposition with respect to the other formations; the cracking strip having two opposed faces substantially parallel to one another, a straight edge along an edge of each face and one or more complementary fixing formations formed for fixing to the or each fixing formation of one or more of the support bodies, and wherein: the spatial disposition of the formations being such that the straight edge of the cracking strip is arranged substantially parallel to the separate reinforcing bars to which the mounting formations may be mounted when the cracking strip is fixed to one or more of the support bodies.

Inventors: Findlay; Donald Bruce (Buderim, AU)


International Classification: E04C 5/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00