Patent Number: 8,869,506

Title: Turbojet engine nacelle including a device for absorbing circumferential stresses

Abstract: A nacelle for a turbojet engine of an aircraft is provided that includes a fan case, an internal structure positioned upstream from the fan case, and a thrust reverser positioned downstream from the fan case. The thrust reverser includes a cowl delimiting an external line (LE) and including two removable half cowls. A device for absorbing circumferential stresses are shaped so as to lock the half cowls in the closed position when it occupies a locking configuration on the one hand and for allowing the opening of the half cowls when it occupies an unlocking configuration on the other hand. The stress absorbing device is positioned under an upstream portion of a pylon and is exclusively attached to the half cowls in order to allow the opening of the two half cowls independently of the opening/closing of an external fan cowl.

Inventors: Joret; Jean-Philippe (Beuzeville, FR), Segat; Peter (Le Havre, FR), Vauchel; Guy Bernard (Harfleur, FR), Bouret; Georges Alain (Epouville, FR)

Assignee: Aircelle

International Classification: F02K 1/80 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00