Patent Number: 8,869,611

Title: Dual mode water leak detector

Abstract: A dual mode water leak detector is combined with a HIVAR air condition system or unit. The air conditioning unit or system uses chilled water for cooling or hot water or electric coils for heating and employs means for supplying heated or cooled air into a floor void and channeling return air to designated vents under the floor or through a false ceiling. In addition a water sensor includes an enclosed housing having a bottom or base and four electrical contacts extending through the base and positioned above the floor by about 2 mm by four rubber spacers or feet. In addition a first circuit connects a first and a second contact separated from one another by an airspace to a pair of banana clips for turning the HIVAR system off when water between the first and second contacts is completed due to the presence of water. A second circuit includes a switch and a 60K OHM resistor connecting that circuit to a first of the contacts and second of the contacts when the switch is in a closed position.

Inventors: Al-Harbi; Khaled Ali (Al Zahra, KW)


International Classification: G08B 21/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00