Patent Number: 8,869,790

Title: Flat hollow tube solar collector

Abstract: A flat evacuated-tube solar collector includes two parallel collecting tubes, a plurality of parallel evacuated tubes perpendicularly installed between two collecting tubes. Each evacuated tube includes two distal tube sections and a middle section situated between the two distal tube sections, and the middle section is in a flat shape, and has a cross-sectional area greater than that of the distal tube sections. The flat evacuated tubes substitute the conventional fins soldered onto a flat panel solar collector to receive sunlight, while the characteristic of two distal ends of the evacuated tube having a smaller cross-section than the middle section maintains an appropriate spacing between the collecting tube and a connecting point of the evacuated tube to assure the structural strength of the collecting tube.

Inventors: Kuo; Dah-Chyi (Kunshan, CN), Hsieh; Hung-Ping (Kunshan, CN), Wang; Xue-Hai (Kunshan, CN), Long; Ling (Kunshan, CN)

Assignee: Kunshan Jue-Chung Electronics Co., Ltd.

International Classification: F24J 2/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00