Patent Number: 8,870,035

Title: Dispensing device

Abstract: A dispensing device having a housing capable of receiving a pre-packaged charge of pre-whipped topping or icing. The housing has an inner wall with a slot formed therein for receiving a rack that is capable of rotational and translational motion within the slot. The rack has a set of gear teeth that engage with a catch on a plunger. The piston moves in the axial direction to force the pre-whipped topping or icing through the outlet in its packaging. The catch on the piston is locked in one direction and pivots in the opposite direction such that the rack engages with the piston when it moves in a first direction and the rack disengages with the piston when it is moved in a second direction opposite the first direction.

Inventors: Jalali; Rohit (Fort Erie, CA), Tirone; Christopher Vincent (East Aurora, NY), Rich; Theodore Watson (Buffalo, NY), Franz; Steven A. (Buffalo, NY), Grieshober, Jr.; William E. (East Amherst, NY), Bisacca; Joseph Victor (Plano, TX), Augustine; Lisa (Williamsville, NY), Chace; Kerry Marshal (Dallas, TX), Falken; Timothy A. (St. Simons Island, GA), Moomaw; David E. (East Aurora, NY)

Assignee: Rich Products Corporation

International Classification: B67D 7/64 (20100101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00