Patent Number: 8,870,134

Title: Stabilisation of objects

Abstract: A support mechanism (7) for an object, such as a table, has at least two fixed legs (3 and 5), at least two moveable legs (4 and 6) and an interconnection means (8). The interconnection means is intermediate and rigidly connected to the at least two fixed legs. Each moveable leg includes a beam portion (4a, 6a), with one end of the beam portion connected to the interconnection means by a pivot having a pivot axis (provided by the bolt 12 for example). Each moveable leg also includes at least one support member (19-22) connected to and extending from the beam portion. At least one object support portion (19b-22b) is provided on each support member, the object support portion in contact with the object (such as the underside of a table top) in use and providing a substantially vertical support force to the object. Locating means (14) attached to the object and located relative to the interconnection means, permit upward relative displacement between the locating means and the interconnection means and prevent substantially horizontal relative displacement between the locating means (14) and the interconnection means (8). Substantially vertical displacement of the ground engaging end or foot (4c or 6c) of one of the moveable legs relative to the fixed legs causes substantially vertical displacement of the support member of the associated moveable leg and therefore substantially vertical displacement of the object and the locating means relative the interconnection means and the fixed legs, causing another of the at least two moveable legs to rotate, the support mechanism thereby conforming to an uneven surface. Relative horizontal motion between the support members and the object can be accommodated by adding a degree of freedom such as using sliding joints or flexible support members.

Inventors: Catoni; John Gerard (Dunsborough, AU), Heyring; Christopher Brian (Eagle Bay, AU), Heyring; Toby William (Eagle Bay, AU), Monk; Richard (Busselton, AU)

Assignee: Tipstop Tables Pty Ltd

International Classification: F16M 11/24 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00