Patent Number: 8,871,029

Title: Shoe cleaning device and method

Abstract: A shoe cleaning device is disclosed, mainly comprising a scrubber member and an enclosure. The scrubber member is provided with a handle and retention members to which disinfecting sanitary wipes can be attached, so that a user holding the scrubber member by the handle can use the scrubber member and attached sanitary wipe to efficiently remove soil and contamination from a shoe without soaking the shoe. The enclosure that has an internal space for storing a plurality of sanitary wipes, and an upper separation platform on top of which there is a recess for storing the scrubber member. The enclosure further includes a lid that closes onto the scrubber member and conceals the scrubber member, except for, optionally, the scrubber member handle. The lid preferably closes in a sealed manner to guarantee that the plurality of wipes does not dry out over time.

Inventors: Leslie; Peter W. (Ormond Beach, FL)


International Classification: A47L 23/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00