Patent Number: 8,871,259

Title: Techniques and systems for treatment of neuropathic pain and other indications

Abstract: The present invention generally relates to compositions and methods for treatment of subjects having or at risk of neuropathic pain or other conditions. In some cases, the composition may include nitric oxide. The nitric oxide may be present within a first phase comprising a lecithin, such as phosphatidylcholine. In certain embodiments, the lecithin is present in liposomes, micelles, or other vesicles containing nitric oxide. The composition can take the form of a gel, a cream, a lotion, an ointment, a solution, a solid "stick," etc., that can be rubbed or sprayed onto the skin, e.g., onto a location with neuropathic pain, or on another suitable portion of the skin. Other aspects of the present invention are generally directed to methods of making or using such compositions, methods of promoting such compositions, kits including such compositions, or the like.

Inventors: Perricone; Nicholas V. (Madison, CT)

Assignee: Transdermal Biotechnology, Inc.

International Classification: A61K 9/127 (20060101); A01N 59/00 (20060101); A61K 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-28 0:00:00