Patent Number: 8,875,860

Title: Torque limiter

Abstract: A torque limiter includes a shaft member, and a cylindrical member which is fitted rotatably on the shaft member. When the cylindrical member is rotated relative to the shaft member in such a state that the cap member is not screwed in the threaded hole and in such a state that the oil release passage is not opened to the outside, the other end portion of the oil release passage circumferentially moves within the circumferentially extended groove while being spaced apart from the circumferentially extended groove.

Inventors: Nagayama; Akihide (Kashiba, JP), Komeyama; Nobuo (Kitakatsuragi, JP)

Assignee: JTEKT Corporation

International Classification: F16D 7/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00