Patent Number: 8,875,943

Title: Dispenser assembly

Abstract: A dispenser assembly 1 including a dispenser 2 for hygienic articles and a mounting bracket 16 for releasably attaching the dispenser 2 to a wall. The dispenser 2 includes a container 4 provided with a dispensing aperture 6 for the hygienic articles and a first side portion adapted to be positioned adjacent the mounting bracket 16. Further the dispenser assembly includes a connecting arrangement for connecting the dispenser 2 to the mounting bracket 16. The connecting arrangement includes a locking interconnection 28 for securely holding the first side portion of the container 4 against the mounting bracket 16 and a guiding interconnection 42 for initially positioning the dispenser 2 in relation to the mounting bracket 16 during mounting of the dispenser 2 to the mounting bracket 16. The guiding interconnection 42 provides engagement between the dispenser 2 and the mounting bracket 16 such that the dispenser 2 is prevented from being separated from the mounting bracket 16 in a direction at least perpendicularly outwards from the wall.

Inventors: Benedetti; Giovanni (Wishaw, GB)

Assignee: SCA Hygiene Products AB

International Classification: A47K 17/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00