Patent Number: 8,876,335

Title: Workspace lighting system

Abstract: A modular lighting system for lighting a work area is disclosed. The system includes a power supply with power outlets for powering LED fixtures. The power supply preferably operates at or below a fixed power output level, such as to illuminate the work area using less than 0.2 Watts per square foot of energy. The lighting system also includes an occupancy sensor and/or a light level sensor for controlling lighting levels in the work area in response to detection of a person, ambient light levels and/or a combination thereof. The lighting system can also include computer unit with a micro-processor and a memory unit for running software or firmware the executes lighting programs, stores light usage histories and/or provides system reports to a remote computer by a wireless means and/or over a computer network.

Inventors: Clark; Walter Blue (Palo Alto, CA), Bourne; Douglas Joseph Scott (Mountain View, CA), Page; Erik R. (Fairfax, CA), Siminovitch; Michael (Woodland, CA), Gauna; Kevin (Berkeley, CA), Papamichael; Konstantinos (Davis, CA)

Assignee: Finelite Inc

International Classification: F21V 29/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00