Patent Number: 8,876,368

Title: Powder treating apparatus

Abstract: There is provided a powder treating apparatus which can uniformly and successively combine and grow powders having different specific gravities or sizes together with a simple structure. The apparatus comprises a rotating container 20 into which plural kinds of powders P having different specific gravities or sizes are supplied and which rotates in a predetermined direction, a fixed container 30 retaining the rotating container 20, primary treating means M1 which is so arranged as to face an inner periphery surface 20S of the rotating container 20 and to extend in an axial direction, generates turbulence flow including eddying flow together with a rotational motion of the rotating container 20, and stirs and mixes the powders P having different specific gravities or sizes, a communicating hole 25 for ejecting the powders P stirred and mixed by the primary treating means M1 to a predetermined treatment space around the rotating container 20, and secondary treating means M2 which applies planar compressive shear force to the powders P ejected from the communicating hole 25 with an inner periphery surface 30S of the fixed container 30 to carry out a composite treatment, and causes the powders P having undergone a composite treatment to flow back in the rotating container.

Inventors: Takasaki; Takao (Fussa, JP), Kawai; Katsumi (Yonezawa, JP), Katayose; Manabu (Yonezawa, JP), Kon; Norihiro (Yonezawa, JP), Fujisaki; Takashi (Yonezawa, JP), Ozawa; Kazunori (Tokyo, JP)

Assignee: Enax, Inc.

International Classification: B01F 9/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00