Patent Number: 8,877,038

Title: Electrochemical assay

Abstract: The invention provides an electrochemical assay for a phenol analyte in a body fluid sample wherein said sample, or fluid therefrom, is contacted with the working electrode of an electrode assembly comprising a working electrode, a counter-electrode, a voltage supply to said working and counter-electrodes and a current meter for determining the current between said working and counter-electrodes, and wherein a first compound capable of reversible oxidation and reduction is disposed at said working electrode, said first compound being capable in either an oxidized or a reduced form of binding to said phenol analyte, characterized in that said first compound in its oxidized or reduced form comprises a group of structure I R1-NH--C*--(C*--C*).sub.n--C*-QR' (I) (where n is 0 or 1; Q is 0, S, NH or NR'; C*--(C*--C*).sub.n--C* is a two or four carbon string in a conjugated delocalised electron system optionally substituted by a group comprising R; R is an electron-donating or withdrawing substituent; and R' is H or a group R, at least one group R' being a group R).

Inventors: Kampouris; Dimitrios Konstantinos (Nottingham, GB), Kadara; Rashid Olukayoee (Nottingham, GB), Huddleston; Patrick Robinson (Nottingham, GB), Banks; Craig Edward (Nottingham, GB)

Assignee: Oxtox Limited

International Classification: G01N 27/327 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00