Patent Number: 8,877,457

Title: Device for examining myocardial toxicity, chip for examining myocardial toxicity and method for examining myocardial toxicity

Abstract: Provided is a device and a method for examining myocardial toxicity, which can be realized in vitro in an equivalent manner as those conventionally carried out in vivo. A cell population as a pulsating pacemaker is arranged on a transparent substrate. Myocardial pulsating cells are arranged while being spaced apart appropriately. Fibroblast cells are arranged with/connected to the myocardial pulsating cells to form a cell network. Each of the myocardial pulsating cells and fibroblast cells forming the network is arranged on a transparent electrode provided on the transparent substrate. The cells forming the network are exposed to a flow of a solution containing a drug and QT delay due to the drug is evaluated.

Inventors: Yasuda; Kenji (Bunkyo-ku, JP), Sugiyama; Atsushi (Bunkyo-ku, JP), Kaneko; Tomoyuki (Bunkyo-ku, JP), Nomura; Fumimasa (Bunkyo-ku, JP)

Assignee: National University Corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University

International Classification: C12Q 1/02 (20060101); C12M 1/34 (20060101); C12M 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00