Patent Number: 8,878,047

Title: Heat engine system for vehicles

Abstract: A heat engine system for a vehicle, wherein the vehicle is operable on a road surface, includes a collector configured for collecting an air layer disposed adjacent the road surface. The heat engine system also includes a heat engine configured for converting thermal energy provided by a temperature difference between the air layer and an ambient air surrounding the vehicle to another form of energy. The air layer has a first temperature, and the ambient air has a second temperature that is lower than the first temperature. In addition, the heat engine system includes a guide configured for transferring the air layer from the collector to the heat engine. A vehicle includes a body defining an interior compartment and having an underside surface spaced opposite the road surface, and the heat engine system.

Inventors: Wittorf; Marten (Ingelheim, DE), Browne; Alan L. (Grosse Pointe, MI), Johnson; Nancy L. (Northville, MI), Brown; James Holbrook (Costa Mesa, CA)

Assignee: GM Global Technology Operations LLC

International Classification: H01L 35/30 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00