Patent Number: 8,878,051

Title: Vacuum element and method for producing the same

Abstract: For the production of vacuum elements, which optionally contain fittings in the form of at least one solar module (photovoltaic element) and/or a solar collector or a display element, negative pressure is produced in a space between two flat components, in particular translucent or transparent plates, such as glass panes that are bound together via a bead made of sealing material, such that an arrangement that consists of a first component provided with a bead and at a distance therefrom but parallel to the second component arranged therein, is introduced into a vacuum chamber and pressed under vacuum. In this case, an elevated temperature also optionally can be applied to laminate films provided between the components with the components and optionally present fittings.

Inventors: Mader; Leopold (Neuhofen/Ybbs, AT)

Assignee: LISEC Austria GmbH

International Classification: H01L 31/042 (20140101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00