Patent Number: 8,879,671

Title: Worker and iteration control for parallel turbo decoder

Abstract: A device such as a worker, window-size and iteration control unit (WWICU) is proposed. The WWICU determines processing, iteration, and window information based on format information indicative of one or more formats to be processed by a decoding process. The processing information may include a number of parallel workers, the iteration information may include a number of half-iterations, and the window information may include a window size to be used in the decoding process. The WWICU then determines time information including a total cycle count based on the processing information, the iteration information, and the window information. In response to determining that the total cycle count is not beyond a threshold value, the WWICU may transmit configuration information including the processing, iteration, and window information to a device, such as a turbo decoding device, configurable to perform the decoding process based on the configuration information.

Inventors: Huebner; Axel (Munich, DE), Berkmann; Jens (Munich, DE), Fresia; Maria (Munich, DE), Hautle; Armin (Dachau, DE)

Assignee: Intel Mobile Communications GmbH

International Classification: H04L 27/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00