Patent Number: 8,879,926

Title: Communicating between an optical receiver and an optical transmitter using a serial bus

Abstract: An optical receiver, within a first device, may receive first configuration information from an optical transmitter, also within the first device. While receiving the first configuration information, the optical receiver may operate according to a clock. Later, the optical receiver may receive optical data from a second device according to the first configuration. While receiving the optical data from the second device, the optical receiver does not operate according to the clock, wherein the optical receiver not operating according to the clock allows the optical receiver to receive the optical data with greater sensitivity.

Inventors: Susanto; Tony (Austin, TX), Shen; Zhonghong (Austin, TX), Hsu; Tihsiang (Austin, TX)

Assignee: SMSC Holdings S.A.R.L.

International Classification: H04B 10/00 (20130101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-04 0:00:00