Patent Number: 9,047,159

Title: Software installation

Abstract: A method of installing software receives installation task data including a plurality of installation tasks. The plurality of installation tasks includes at least one user-modifiable installation task and at least one user-unmodifiable installation task. The method receives task order data defining a requisite order of execution. The method executes each of the plurality of installation tasks in accordance with the requisite order, wherein executing each user-modifiable installation task comprises altering and executing at least one installation command for the user-modifiable installation task in response to receiving a first user input.

Inventors: Borkowski; Pawel J. (Cracow, PL), Klak; Michal (Zielonki, PL), Malecki; Bartlomiej T. (Slomniki, PL)

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

International Classification: G06F 9/445 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-06-02 0:00:00