Patent Number: 9,385,446

Title: Connector assembly, port accessory and method for slide-on attachment to interface ports

Abstract: A connector assembly and method including a post, a port body, a post engager, an actuator and a spring assembly. The post engager is configured to engage the post in a first operating mode while the actuator is configured to release the post engager from the post in a second operating mode. The spring assembly is operably coupled to the post engager and is configured to axially bias the post against the port body during the first operating mode to facilitate an electrical ground path between the port body and the post.

Inventors: Palinkas; Raymond W. (Canastota, NY), Montena; Noah P. (Syracuse, NY)

Assignee: PPC Broadband, Inc.

International Classification: H01R 9/05 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-07-05 0:00:00