Patent Number: 9,386,625

Title: Update of timing advance without starting discontinuous reception activity timer

Abstract: Methods, apparatuses, and computer programs that are able to minimize UE power consumption while still updating the TA are provided. For example, one embodiment includes performing TA update without starting the DRX inactivity timer and short cycle timer.

Inventors: Malkamaki; Esa (Espoo, FI), Virtej; Elena (Espoo, FI), Korhonen; Juha S. (Espoo, FI), Lunden; Petteri (Espoo, FI)


International Classification: H04W 76/04 (20090101); H04W 56/00 (20090101); H04W 74/08 (20090101)

Expiration Date: 2020-07-05 0:00:00