Patent Number: 9,386,630

Title: Device for taking control of resources in a communication network in order to insert traffic

Abstract: A data management device for a communication installation including at least one base station having resources and at least one terrestrial node connected to a core network and to the base station to control its resources via an interface includes a control device coupled to a traffic source and to the interface and able to take local control, on command, of at least a portion of the resources of the base station, instead of the node, to enable transfer of data between the traffic source and the base station.

Inventors: Martin; Beatrice (Paris, FR), Couet; Jacques (Meriel, FR)

Assignee: Alcatel Lucent

International Classification: G06F 15/16 (20060101); H04B 7/185 (20060101); H04W 92/12 (20090101)

Expiration Date: 2020-07-05 0:00:00