Patent Number: 9,809,092

Title: Door impact beam for vehicle

Abstract: A door impact beam for a vehicle includes a beam main body 2 and an attaching portion 3 formed of first and second brackets 4 and 5, the first bracket 4 is coupled to the second bracket 5 by a coupling portion 20 to enable absorbing a relative movement due to difference in thermal expansion between the beam main body 2 and the components 6 of the vehicle door, a first locking hole 11 is bored in one of the first and second brackets 4 and 5 and a second locking hole 12 is bored in the other bracket, the first and second locking holes 11 and 12 are adapted to be locked by a temporarily fixing member 13 at a normal temperature and the temporarily fixing member 13 is adapted to be softened at a predetermined temperature or higher, and the second locking hole 12 includes an engaging hole 12a adapted to be engaged with the temporarily fixing member at a normal temperature and a slit 12b which is smaller in width than the maximum inner diameter of the engaging hole 12a.

Inventors: Kato; Toshiki (Miyoshi, JP)

Assignee: Sango Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B60J 5/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2022-11-07 0:00:00