Patent Number: PP12,173

Title: Raspberry plant named `Josephine`

Abstract: The present invention is a new and distinct fall bearing red raspberry cultivar named `Josephine`, which is capable of producing fruit on primocanes, the fruit being larger, with tougher skin and more cohesive than that of the standard cultivars. The cultivar is characterized by moderate suckering ability and its large, round and extremely symmetrical fruit which ripens later than standard cultivars. Most drupelets tear apart rather than separate from each other and it is common to observe perfectly curvilinear rows of drupelets, i.e. along the latitudinal circumference of the fruit.

Inventors: Swartz; Harry Jan (Laurel, MD), Fiola; Joseph A. (Whiting, NJ), Stiles; Herbert D. (Blackstone, VA), Smith; Brian R. (River Falls, WI)

Assignee: University of Maryland

International Classification: A01H 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018