Patent Number: RE38,555

Title: Continuous chain caster and method

Abstract: A continuous chain caster has upper and lower mold assemblies comprising endless belts and chains traveling at synchronized speeds. The mold assemblies meet to form a mold channel which is filled with molten metal from a headbox and feed tip. As the molten metal passes through the mold channel, the metal solidifies into the shape of the mold channel. Each belt is positioned outside the corresponding chain so that the smooth surface of the belt defines the surface of the mold channel thereby preventing the formation of fins between mold blocks which make up the chain, protecting the chain blocks, and neutralizing deformations in the chain blocks. The upper and lower blocks of the chains have protrusions at opposite ends which engage the opposing blocks to form the sides of the mold channel. By sliding the chains relative to each other, the width of the mold channel is adjustable. Further, the gauge of the mold channel is adjustable over the length of the channel by tilting one mold assembly relative to the other, so that the gauge at one end of the caster is greater than at the other end of the caster. In this embodiment, the protrusions are replaced with retractable legs which are held against the opposing block with a resilient member. The legs move in and out of slots in the blocks as the gauge of the channel mold is decreased and increased respectively.

Inventors: Braun; Curt (Prescott, AZ), Romanowski; Christopher A. (Lake Arrowhead, CA), Speed; Bobby Bruce (Murrieta, CA), Post; Pieter F. (Rotterdam, NL)

Assignee: Hunter Douglas Industries, B.V.

International Classification: B22D 11/06 (20060101); B22D 011/06 ()

Expiration Date: 07/13/2021