Sunday, January 05 2020

Weekly Report

Expired Patents

Inventors: Aamer; Khaled Abdel-Hakim Helmy (Port Washington, NY)
Title: Self-assembling polymers--VI
Patent Number: 9,169,361

Inventors: Abbas; Ali (Champaign, IL)
Title: Method, software, and system for making a decision
Patent Number: 9,171,255

Inventors: Abdel-Hamid; Ahmed Kamal (Cairo, EG), Abdel-Rahim; Tamer Ali (Nasr City, Cairo, EG)
Title: Rail-to-rail pad driver with load independent rise and fall times
Patent Number: 7,292,075

Inventors: Abichaaya; Elie (Jouy le Moutier, FR), Reimon; Julien (Aulnay sous Bois, FR)
Title: Method for exchanging signals between a tire pressure sensor and a central processing unit in a motor vehicle
Patent Number: 9,168,796

Inventors: Abkowitz; Stanley (Lexington, MA), Abkowitz; Susan M. (Burlington, MA), Fisher; Harvey (Lexington, MA), Schwartz; Patricia J. (Andover, MA)
Title: High extrusion ratio titanium metal matrix composites
Patent Number: 8,043,404

Inventors: Accordino; Joseph (Astoria, NY)
Title: Bone graft harvest device
Patent Number: 8,043,291

Inventors: Acedo; Mario F. (Tucson, AZ), Cervantes; Ezequiel (Tucson, AZ), Jennas, II; Paul A. (Tucson, AZ), Peipelman; Jason L. (Vail, AZ), Ward; Matthew J. (Vail, AZ)
Title: Determining logical configuration commands to create a logical object
Patent Number: 9,170,807

Inventors: Acedo; Mario F. (Tucson, AZ), Cervantes; Ezequiel (Tucson, AZ), Jennas, II; Paul A. (Tucson, AZ), Peipelman; Jason L. (Vail, AZ), Ward; Matthew J. (Vail, AZ)
Title: Method for singleton process control
Patent Number: 9,170,838

Inventors: Acharya; Hemanth P. (Bangalore, IN), Baheti; Pawan Kumar (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Method of perspective correction for devanagari text
Patent Number: 9,171,204

Inventors: Ackerson; Michael D. (Fayetteville, AR), Byars; Michael Steven (Fayetteville, AR)
Title: Two phase hydroprocessing
Patent Number: 7,291,257

Inventors: Adamchick; Lawrence G. (Charlotte, NC), Adamchick; Daniel L. (Charlotte, NC)
Title: Portable physical therapy/rehabilitation/exercise device, system and method
Patent Number: 9,168,418

Inventors: Adams; Ronald (Holliston, MA)
Title: Non-circular resection device and endoscope
Patent Number: 8,043,207

Inventors: Adams; Ronald (Holliston, MA)
Title: Endoluminal fundoplication device and related method
Patent Number: 8,043,310

Inventors: Adams; Scott (Granite Bay, CA), Faherty; Josh (Sacramento, CA)
Title: Mechanical sign waving device
Patent Number: 9,171,487

Inventors: Adibhatla; Sridhar (West Chester, OH)
Title: Approach to extending life of gas turbine engine
Patent Number: 7,290,385

Inventors: Agnew; Gerard D (Derby, GB), Cunningham; Robert H (Derby, GB), Butler; Philip D (Derby, GB), Collins; Robert D (Derby, GB)
Title: Reformer module
Patent Number: 8,043,576

Inventors: Agrawal; Rajeev (Glenview, IL), Leelahakriengkrai; Rangsan (Overland Park, KS), Bedekar; Anand S. (Arlington Heights, IL), Han; Guang (Buffalo Grove, IL)
Title: Methods and apparatus for handover management
Patent Number: 9,173,140

Inventors: Aharon; Refael (Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, IL)
Title: Method of recycling fibers from sewage sludge and means thereof
Patent Number: 9,169,597

Inventors: Ahmed; Nasir U. (Scottsdale, AZ)
Title: Fiberglass reinforced plastic lightweight heavy-duty ladder and method of making same
Patent Number: 9,168,701

Inventors: Ahrens; Michael E. (San Jose, CA), Viet; Roger (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Electromagnetic inductive shield
Patent Number: 7,290,945

Inventors: Ai; Tianzhao (Kaifeng, CN), Dong; Xuezhi (Kaifeng, CN), Ai; Dong (Kaifeng, CN)
Title: Process for causticizing green liquor in chemical recovery from black liquor in alkaline pulping
Patent Number: 7,291,245

Inventors: Aimin; Su (Shanghai, CN)
Title: Object modeling
Patent Number: 9,170,331

Inventors: Aissaoui; Hamed (Allschwil, CH), Boss; Christoph (Allschwil, CH), Richard-Bildstein; Sylvia (Allschwil, CH), Siegrist; Romain (Allschwil, CH)
Title: 1-phenyl-substituted heterocyclyl derivatives and their use as prostaglandin D2 receptor modulators
Patent Number: 9,169,270

Inventors: Ajit; Janardhanan S. (Irvine, CA)
Title: Sub-micron high input voltage tolerant input output (I/O) circuit
Patent Number: 7,292,072

Inventors: Akahane; Akira (Kanagawa, JP), Hatano; Yoshiyuki (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Edible fat and oil, process of producing the same, and chocolate containing fat and oil composition
Patent Number: 8,043,649

Inventors: Akaki; Kazuya (Tochigi-Ken, JP)
Title: Medical imaging apparatus which displays predetermined information in differentiable manner from others
Patent Number: 8,046,707

Inventors: Akimoto; Kengo (Kanagawa, JP)
Title: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,043,796

Inventors: Akiyama; Koichiro (Tokyo, JP), Goto; Yasuhiro (Hakodate, JP)
Title: Digital signature generation apparatus, digital signature verification apparatus, and key generation apparatus
Patent Number: 8,046,582

Inventors: Akiyama; Noboru (Hitachinaka, JP), Hashimoto; Takayuki (Tokai, JP), Shiraishi; Masaki (Hitachinaka, JP), Kawashima; Tetsuya (Hitachi, JP), Tateno; Koji (Takasaki, JP), Matsuura; Nobuyoshi (Takasaki, JP)
Title: Semiconductor device
Patent Number: 8,044,520

Inventors: Alfares; Hesham K. (Dhahran, SA)
Title: Cyclic combinatorial method and system
Patent Number: 8,046,316

Inventors: Alimi; Hojabr (Santa Rosa, CA)
Title: Oxidative reductive potential water solution and methods of using the same
Patent Number: 9,168,318

Inventors: Allan; David (Ottawa, CA), Casey; Liam (Ottawa, CA)
Title: Extended private LAN
Patent Number: 8,045,570

Inventors: Allen; Charles D. (Broomfield, CO)
Title: Removable ink for surgical instrument
Patent Number: 9,168,086

Inventors: Amaike; Masato (Chiba, JP), Sasaoka; Seiji (Toyama, JP), Kawamuko; Shigeru (Chiba, JP), Hashimoto; Yasuaki (Kanagawa, JP), Takemura; Eiji (Niigata, JP)
Title: Method for producing molecular compound
Patent Number: 7,291,756

Inventors: Amarasinghe; Amal S. (West Pennant Hills, AU), Lithgow; Perry D. (Moruya, AU), Guney; Memduh (Killara, AU)
Title: Headgear assembly for a respiratory mask assembly
Patent Number: 9,168,349

Inventors: Amarasinghe; Amal Shirley (West Pennant Hills, AU), Frater; Robert Henry (Lindfield, AU)
Title: Mask brace and mask assembly
Patent Number: 8,042,541

Inventors: Amaudric Du Chaffaut; Benoit (Voisin le Bretonneux, FR), Wittrisch; Christian (Rueil Malmaison, FR)
Title: Reverse-circulation drilling method and system
Patent Number: 7,290,625

Inventors: Anand; Sandeep Venkit (Bangalore, IN), Krishnaswamy; Arvind (Bangalore, IN), Mahapatra; Debiprosad Roy (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Cold field emission cathode using carbon nanotubes
Patent Number: 9,171,688

Inventors: Anderson; Catherine (Durham, NC), Lee; Stephen Aaron (Durham, NC), Powell; Kerrie (Durham, NC), Puente; Pilar (Durham, NC), Rhein; Jennifer Lee (Raleigh, NC), Timmons; Philip Reid (Durham, NC), Wingate; Vincent Paul Mary (Chapel Hill, NC)
Title: Generation of plants with improved drought tolerance
Patent Number: 8,044,262

Inventors: Anderson; Glenn Mark (Norristown, PA), Jordan; Robert (Thornton, PA), Picha; Kristen (Malvern, PA)
Title: sRAGE mimetibody, compositions, methods and uses
Patent Number: 8,043,616

Inventors: Anderson; James B. (Cookeville, TN), Bynum; Stephen A. (Cookeville, TN)
Title: Reduced profile lamp having enhanced illumination and method of construction thereof
Patent Number: 9,168,864

Inventors: Anderson; Thomas P. (Savage, MN)
Title: Warming device
Patent Number: 8,043,350

Inventors: Ando; Hironobu (Tokyo, JP), Enami; Yasuhiro (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Detachable connector
Patent Number: 8,043,128

Inventors: Ando; Masanobu (Aichi-ken, JP), Nakai; Masahito (Aichi-ken, JP), Uemura; Toshiya (Aichi-ken, JP), Nakayama; Masaaki (Nara-ken, JP)
Title: Light-emitting semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing it
Patent Number: 7,291,868

Inventors: Angue; Eric (Kornwestheim, DE), Kopp; Simone (Esslingen, DE), Diener; Ulrich (Esslingen, DE)
Title: Linear drive
Patent Number: 7,290,477

Inventors: Anheyer; Wolfgang (Neuss, DE)
Title: I.S. machine
Patent Number: 7,290,406

Inventors: Anile; Carmelo (Assago, IT)
Title: Implantable device for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome and the corresponding method
Patent Number: 9,168,363

Inventors: Ante; Johannes (Regensbrug, DE), Gilch; Markus (Mauern, DE)
Title: Compressor casing for an exhaust gas turbocharger
Patent Number: 8,043,047

Inventors: Aoki; Shinji (Yokohama, JP), Iimura; Haruo (Yokohama, JP)
Title: Image forming apparatus and image forming method capable of generating stable transfer electric field
Patent Number: 8,045,875

Inventors: Aoki; Takashi (Saitama, JP), Endo; Hiroshi (Saitama, JP), Iwasaki; Yoichi (Saitama, JP), Hayashi; Kenkichi (Saitama, JP)
Title: Imaging device, and image processing method
Patent Number: 9,172,927

Inventors: Aoki; Takashi (Saitama, JP), Iwasaki; Yoichi (Saitama, JP), Endo; Hiroshi (Saitama, JP), Hayashi; Kenkichi (Saitama, JP)
Title: Imaging device, and image processing method
Patent Number: 9,172,926

Inventors: Apostolopoulos; John G. (Palo Alto, CA), Wee; Susie J. (Palo Alto, CA)
Title: Method and system for utilizing a tag to optimize portion of data transfer
Patent Number: 8,045,584

Inventors: Apostolos; John T. (Lyndeborough, NH), Mouyos; William (Windham, NH), Molen; Brian (Windham, NH), Colon; Kurt (Rockaway, NJ), Feng; Judy (Nashua, NH), Chase; Walter (Auburndale, MA)
Title: Nuclear quadrupole resonance system
Patent Number: 9,170,311

Inventors: Appelman; Barry (Great Falls, VA)
Title: Preventing co-user addition to user definable co-user lists
Patent Number: 9,172,667

Inventors: Araiz-Boys; Susan (Redding, CA), Boys; Donald Robert Martin (Redding, CA)
Title: Shelter evacuation response system
Patent Number: 9,171,446

Inventors: Araki; Masatake (Kumamoto, JP), Araki; Kimi (Kumamoto, JP)
Title: Method of establishing mouse strain
Patent Number: 9,167,805

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Hillsboro, OR), Blocksome; Michael A. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN)
Title: Executing a gather operation on a parallel computer that includes a plurality of compute nodes
Patent Number: 9,170,865

Inventors: Archer; Charles J. (Rochester, MN), Carey; James E. (Rochester, MN), Markland; Matthew W. (Rochester, MN), Sanders; Philip J. (Rochester, MN), Schimke; Timothy J. (Stewartville, MN)
Title: Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
Patent Number: 9,170,864

Inventors: Arii; Tadashi (Fussa, JP), Takata; Yoshihiro (Tachikawa, JP), Otake; Satoshi (Ome, JP), Matsuura; Shigeki (Hamamatsu, JP)
Title: Gas analyzer
Patent Number: 8,044,343

Inventors: Aritake; Sota (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Antenna system and portable terminal having the antenna system
Patent Number: 7,292,192

Inventors: Armani; Elisabetta (Parma, IT), Amari; Gabriele (Parma, IT), Riccaboni; Mauro (Parma, IT), Baker-Glenn; Charles (Essex, GB)
Title: Inhibitors of PDE4 enzyme and antagonists of muscarinic M3 receptor
Patent Number: 9,169,245

Inventors: Arns; Wilhelm (Paderborn, DE)
Title: Bumper structure
Patent Number: 7,290,811

Inventors: Asaad; Sameh W. (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Min; Hong (Poughkeepsie, NY), Sukhwani; Bharat (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Thoennes; Mathew S. (West Harrison, NY)
Title: Radix sort with read-only key
Patent Number: 9,171,032

Inventors: Asada; Tadatoshi (Anjo, JP)
Title: Electric generation control apparatus for vehicle alternator
Patent Number: 7,292,008

Inventors: Asahina; Tsutomu (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Receiving apparatus and receiving method
Patent Number: 9,172,502

Inventors: Asakawa; Koji (Tokyo, JP), Hiraoka; Toshiro (Tokyo, JP), Akasaka; Yoshihiro (Tokyo, JP), Hotta; Yasuyuki (Tokyo, JP)
Title: Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Patent Number: 8,043,520

Inventors: Aschoff; John G. (Watsonville, CA), Chambliss; David D. (Morgan Hill, CA), McNutt; Bruce (Gilroy, CA)
Title: Data storage system to optimize revenue realized under multiple service level agreements
Patent Number: 9,172,618

Inventors: Asplund; Gunnar (Ludvika, SE), Flisberg; Gunnar (Ludvika, SE), Weimers; Lars (Ludvika, SE), Lundquist; Jan (Ludvika, SE), .ANG.strom; Urban (Saxdalen, SE), Karlsson; Dan (Sundsvall, SE)
Title: Ground electrode
Patent Number: 8,044,297

Inventors: Assar; Farzin (San Jose, CA), Nguyentran; Lee Duyly (San Jose, CA), Vu; Phong Van (San Jose, CA)
Title: System and method for establishing spindle motor current during cold temperature operation of HDD
Patent Number: 7,291,994

Inventors: Astatke; Mekbib (Germantown, MD), Chatterjee; Deb K. (North Potomac, MD), Gerard; Gary F. (Frederick, MD)
Title: Compositions and methods for temperature-dependent nucleic acid synthesis
Patent Number: 8,043,816

Inventors: Astier; Yann (White Plains, NY), Bai; Jingwei (Elmsford, NY), Papa Rao; Satyavolu (Poughkeepsie, NY), Reuter; Kathleen (Yorktown Heights, NY), Smith; Joshua T. (Croton on Hudson, NY)
Title: Solid state nanopore devices for nanopore applications to improve the nanopore sensitivity and methods of manufacture
Patent Number: 9,168,717

Inventors: Astigarraga; Tara (Fairpoint, NY), Dickens; Louie A. (Tucson, AZ), Lujan; Carlos J. (Tucson, AZ), Winarski; Daniel J. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Base protocol layer testing device
Patent Number: 9,170,905

Inventors: Astigarraga; Tara (Fairpoint, NY), Dickens; Louie A. (Tucson, AZ), Lujan; Carlos J. (Tucson, AZ), Winarski; Daniel J. (Tucson, AZ)
Title: Base protocol layer testing device
Patent Number: 9,170,906

Inventors: Atkinson; Paul D (Poway, CA), White; Charles A (Oakland, CA)
Title: Systems and methods for managing access to benefits associated with products
Patent Number: 9,171,298

Inventors: Attaluri; Gopi K. (San Jose, CA), Lightstone; Sam S. (Toronto, CA), Raman; Vijayshankar (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Dynamically determining join order
Patent Number: 9,171,043

Inventors: Attwood; Reece (Mayfield West, AU)
Title: Spreader component for a dragline excavator
Patent Number: 9,169,616

Inventors: Au; Jessie L. S. (Columbus, OH), Wientjes; M. Guillaume (Columbus, OH)
Title: Tumor targeting drug-loaded particles
Patent Number: 8,043,631

Inventors: Auguet; Thierry (Chapelle Glane, CH), Sebe; Marc (Neyruz, CH)
Title: Vehicle steering control without mechanical connection between steering wheel and steered wheels
Patent Number: 8,046,132

Inventors: Austin; Kevin (Encinitas, CA), Vandewater; Jerry (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Title: Eave riser extension for roof transitions
Patent Number: 7,290,373

Inventors: Axelsson; Magnus (Goteborg, SE), Costa; Patrik (Alvangen, SE)
Title: Non-rotating shaft for a continuous casting machine
Patent Number: 9,168,583

Inventors: Ayed; Mourad Ben (Tunis, TN), Ayed; Abderrahman Ben (Tunis, TN)
Title: Systems for wireless authentication based on bluetooth proximity
Patent Number: 8,045,961

Inventors: Ayyagari; Deepak (Vancouver, WA), Ozeki; Tomohiko (Vancouver, WA)
Title: Transmitting data across a contention channel in a centralized network
Patent Number: 8,046,484

Inventors: Baba; Takashige (Inagi, JP), Uehara; Keitaro (Kokubunji, JP), Tsushima; Yuji (Hachioji, JP)
Title: Compound computer system and method for sharing PCI devices thereof
Patent Number: 8,046,520

Inventors: Babella; Mark (Salida, CA)
Title: Panel construction for housing keypads of mobile computing device
Patent Number: 8,046,032

Inventors: Baggen; Constant Paul Maie Jozef (Eindhoven, NL), Husen; Sri Andari (Eindhoven, NL), Filippi; Alessio (Eindhoven, NL)
Title: Estimation of length of channel impulse response
Patent Number: 8,045,633

Inventors: Baghdachi; Jamil (Northville, MI), Hernandez; Heidi Rosalia Perez (Neza, MX), Templeman; Cynthia Gazepis (Ypsilanti, MI), He; Halfeng (Ypsilanti, MI)
Title: Methods and compositions for pigmented self-stratifying coatings
Patent Number: 8,044,140

Inventors: Bai; Shwang-Shi (Hsinhua, TW), Huang; Yu-Pei (Hsinhua, TW)
Title: Method for driving a fluorescent lamp and an inverter circuit for performing such a method
Patent Number: 7,291,993

Inventors: Baier; Johannes (Wuerselen, DE), Moench; Holger (Vaals, NL)
Title: Surface-emitting external cavity laser device
Patent Number: 8,045,594

Inventors: Bailey; Matthew (Redford, MI), Gonzalez; Michael (Lake Orion, MI), Dillon; Christopher (Springfield Township, MI)
Title: Interlocking modular headers and header assemblies thereof
Patent Number: 8,043,127

Inventors: Bailin; Sidney (Washington, DC), Klein; Ian (Hatfield, GB), Witten; David (Arlington, VA)
Title: Method and system for configuring rules for execution
Patent Number: 9,171,260

Inventors: Baiocchi; Frank A. (Allentown, PA), DeLucca; John Michael (Wayne, PA), Cargo; James Thomas (Bethlehem, PA)
Title: Calibration standard for transmission electron microscopy
Patent Number: 7,291,849

Inventors: Bair; James A. (Cortland, NY), Fendya; Thomas J. (Homer, NY), Hurwitz; Mark F. (Ithaca, NY), Haq; Tanweer ul (Tully, NY), Geibel; Stephen A. (Cortland, NY)
Title: Fluid treatment arrangements and methods
Patent Number: 8,043,512

Inventors: Baker; Benjamin Paul (Campbelltown, AU)
Title: Heat exchanger
Patent Number: 8,042,608

Inventors: Baker; Gary E. (Hermosa, SD), Baker; James (Hermosa, SD)
Title: Mountable hitch
Patent Number: 7,290,974

Inventors: Bakos; Peter L. (Barrington, IL)
Title: Shippable in-assembly bolt
Patent Number: 7,290,971

Inventors: Bal; Steven R. (Cary, NC), Granger-Jones; Marcus (Scotts Valley, CA)
Title: Forward and reverse VSWR insensitive power detection using quadrature downconversion
Patent Number: 8,045,643

Inventors: Balakin; Vladimir (Protvino, RU)
Title: Charged particle cancer therapy X-ray method and apparatus
Patent Number: 8,045,679

Inventors: Balasubramanian; Swaminathan (Troy, MI), Hamilton, II; Rick A. (Charlottesville, VA), O'Connell; Brian M. (Research Triangle Park, NC), Walker; Keith R. (Austin, TX)
Title: Replacing annotated program code in a networked computing environment
Patent Number: 9,170,790

Inventors: Balko; Terry William (Greenfield, IN), Fields; Stephen Craig (Indianapolis, IN), Irvine; Nicholas Martin (Westfield, IN), Lowe; Christian Thomas (Westfield, IN), Schmitzer; Paul Richard (Indianapolis, IN)
Title: 6-(1,1-difluoroalkyl)-4-aminopicolinates and their use as herbicides
Patent Number: 7,291,580

Inventors: Ballard; Otis Jerome (Bardstown, KY), Bickett; Kevin Michael (Shepherdsville, KY), Atcher; Bruce Larry (Elizabethtown, KY), Hasegawa; Minoru (Osaka, JP)
Title: Heat shrinkable foamed sheet
Patent Number: 8,043,695

Inventors: Balm; Bart (AP Kekerdom, NL), Charite; Boudewijn (VG Breda, NL), Fric; Tomas (Am Berg En Dal, NL)
Title: Coupler and amplifier arrangement
Patent Number: 9,172,127

Inventors: Balmin; Andrey (San Jose, CA), Hwang; Heasoo (La Jolla, CA), Nijkamp; Erik (Schoenaich, DE), Reinwald; Berthold (San Jose, CA)
Title: Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs
Patent Number: 9,171,077

Inventors: Balraj; Vishnu (Folsom, CA), Baucom; Terry (El Dorado Hills, CA), Bashir; Amir (El Dorado Hills, CA), Chen; Huimin (Portland, OR), Drottar; Ken (Portland, OR), Khan; Naveed (Folsom, CA), Quiet; Duane (Hillsboro, OR), Volk; Andrew M. (Granite Bay, CA)
Title: Spread spectrum clock generator
Patent Number: 8,045,666

Inventors: Balus; Florin (Kanata, CA), Loomis; Michael (Greenland, NH), Sugimoto; Jeffrey (Ottawa, CA)
Title: Dynamic establishment of virtual circuits using multi-segment pseudowires
Patent Number: 8,045,492

Inventors: Balusu; Sangeetha (New York, NY), Balusu; Suraj K. (New York, NY)
Title: Systems and methods for enhanced mobile photography
Patent Number: 9,171,181

Inventors: Bammer; Manfred (Vienna, AT), Schmid; Gernot (Bromberg, AT)
Title: Device for detecting the position of an actuator
Patent Number: 9,170,085

Inventors: Ban; Koichiro (Kawasaki, JP)
Title: Information processor, receiver, and information processing method
Patent Number: 9,172,560

Inventors: Bandman; Olga (Mountain View, CA), Hillman; Jennifer (Mountain View, CA), Yue; Henry (Sunnyvale, CA), Guegler; Karl J. (Menlo Park, CA), Corley; Neil C. (Mountain View, CA), Tang; Y. Tom (Sunnyvale, CA), Shah; Purvi (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Methods for detecting expression of human protease molecules
Patent Number: 8,043,818

Inventors: Bandyopadhyay; Ananda K. (West Linn, OR), Cho; Seon-Mee (Santa Clara, CA), Fu; Haiying (Camas, WA), Srinivasan; Easwar (Beaverton, OR), Mordo; David (Cupertino, CA)
Title: Method to improve mechanical strength of low-K dielectric film using modulated UV exposure
Patent Number: 8,043,667

Inventors: Bao; Jia (Shanghai, CN), Gu; Zi (Shanghai, CN)
Title: Fast inverse integer transform for video decoding
Patent Number: 8,045,612

Inventors: Bao; Junjing (San Diego, CA), Bonilla; Griselda (Fishkill, NY), Choi; Samuel S. (Hopewell Junction, NY), Filippi; Ronald G. (Wappingers Falls, NY), Lustig; Naftali E. (Croton on Hudson, NY), Simon; Andrew H. (Fishkill, NY)
Title: E-fuse with hybrid metallization
Patent Number: 9,171,801

Inventors: Barat; Bhaswati (Los Angeles, CA), Wu; Anna M. (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Title: Biotin-ligase system for secretion of biotinylated protein
Patent Number: 8,043,830

Inventors: Baratti; Paolo (Turin, IT), Serafini; Andrea (Pinerolo TO, IT)
Title: Bearing unit for a vehicle wheel
Patent Number: 9,169,876

Inventors: Barber; Ronald J. (San Jose, CA), Raman; Vijayshankar (Sunnyvale, CA)
Title: Performing batches of selective assignments in a vector friendly manner
Patent Number: 9,171,029

Inventors: Barker; John M. (Ventura, CA)
Title: High-resolution connector for a neurostimulation lead
Patent Number: 8,046,074

Inventors: Barman; Kishor K. (Guwahati, IN), Acharya; Hemanth P. (Bangalore, IN), Baheti; Pawan Kumar (Bangalore, IN)
Title: Method of improving contrast for text extraction and recognition applications
Patent Number: 9,171,224

Inventors: Barr; Rodney (Cary, NC), Gloden; Michael L. (Apex, NC), Speecher, Jr.; Arnold Fred (Raleigh, NC)
Title: Isolated magnetostrictive buffered liquid level sensor
Patent Number: 8,044,657

Inventors: Barthel; Rand K. (Mendon, MA), Li; Yong (Newton, MA), Spring; Eduardo N. (Round Rock, TX)
Title: Accurately estimating install time
Patent Number: 9,170,799

Inventors: Baschnagel; Robert (Garden City, NY)
Title: Flush mounting stand, hanger/carry handle for mobile electronic device
Patent Number: 9,172,782

Inventors: Bascombe; Simon M. (Walnut Creek, CA)
Title: System for on-site management of an event
Patent Number: 9,171,269

Inventors: Basker; Veeraraghavan S. (Albany, NY), Furukawa; Toshiharu (Essex Junction, VT), Tonti; William R. (Essex Junction, VT)
Title: Method for monitoring patterning integrity of etched openings and forming conductive structures with the openings
Patent Number: 8,043,966

Inventors: Bassett; Joseph D. (Sycamore, IL)
Title: Row unit for agricultural implement
Patent Number: 9,167,740

Inventors: Basso; Andrea (Ocean, NJ), Eleftheriadis; Alexandros (New York, NY), Kalva; Hari (New York, NY), Puri; Atul (Riverdale, NY), Schmidt; Robert Lewis (Howell, NJ)
Title: System and method of organizing data to facilitate access and streaming
Patent Number: 8,046,338

Inventors: Bates; Cary L. (Rochester, MN), Nikolai; Jason A. (Rochester, MN), Prentice; Jeffrey A. (Oronoco, MN)
Title: Filtering message posts in a social network
Patent Number: 9,172,671

Inventors: Batke; Boris (Lubeck, DE), Sump; Raimo (Hamburg, DE)
Title: System with a surgical needle and a handle
Patent Number: 7,291,155

Inventors: Baumann; Dieter (Greven, DE)
Title: Centrifuges for a lubricant oil in an internal combustion engine with a modular housing system having various bases, lids and rotors
Patent Number: 8,043,201

Inventors: Bazan; Guillermo C. (Goleta, CA), Chen; Yaofeng (Shanghai, CN)
Title: Zwitterionic Group VIII transition metal initiators supported by olefin ligands
Patent Number: 8,044,225

Inventors: Beachy; Philip A. (Ruxton, MD), Cooper; Michael K. (Baltimore, MD), Porter; Jeffrey A. (Belmont, MA)
Title: Inhibitors of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
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Serial Number: 77355006

Owner: Pfeffer, Linda D.
Serial Number: 77522734

Serial Number: 77388592

Serial Number: 77314088

Owner: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77326890

Serial Number: 78499562

Serial Number: 77390138

Serial Number: 77515618

Serial Number: 77515625

Owner: PopPack LLC
Serial Number: 78872241

Owner: Porter Capital Corporation
Serial Number: 77513417

Serial Number: 73737105

Serial Number: 77180371

Serial Number: 78761473

Owner: Pro's Choice Beauty Care, Inc.
Serial Number: 77418624

Serial Number: 77534040

Serial Number: 77535993

Owner: Prosonix Limited
Serial Number: 78945919

Owner: Proximo Spirits, Inc.
Serial Number: 77466187

Serial Number: 78792856

Owner: Puerta Dorada, LLC
Serial Number: 77421582

Serial Number: 73706981

Owner: Purtell, Kevin
Serial Number: 77376279

Serial Number: 78718057

Owner: Radical Marketing Sdn Bhd
Serial Number: 78508503

Owner: Ramirez, Fred
Serial Number: 77351253

Owner: Ray Marks Co. LLC
Serial Number: 77330788

Serial Number: 77110384

Serial Number: 76683859

Serial Number: 78860793

Owner: Retail Merchants Association of Tidewater Virginia, Inc.
Serial Number: 77276616

Serial Number: 75299449

Owner: Richdale, Bradford J.
Serial Number: 78866290

Serial Number: 77280262

Owner: Robert Weed Plywood Corp.
Serial Number: 77327140

Owner: Robinson, Joseph R., Jr.
Serial Number: 78623958

Owner: Roger V. von Oech
Serial Number: 77509475

Owner: Ron Hicks
Serial Number: 77100879

Owner: Ron Hicks
Serial Number: 77100904

Owner: Rooster Products International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77219496

Owner: Rooster Products International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77220226

Owner: Roundbox, Inc.
Serial Number: 78534758

Owner: Roundbox, Inc.
Serial Number: 78534766

Serial Number: 77334290

Serial Number: 77188823

Serial Number: 77488890

Serial Number: 77452452

Serial Number: 77592072

Owner: S.C.L.C./Women's Organizational Movement for Equality Now, Inc.
Serial Number: 76685157

Owner: Saflosa Industria Real, S.A. de C.V.
Serial Number: 76617691

Owner: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Serial Number: 77377521

Serial Number: 77307680

Serial Number: 76626278

Serial Number: 77205138

Owner: Sciandri Family Vineyards, LLC
Serial Number: 77349954

Owner: Sealed Air Corporation (US)
Serial Number: 78790568

Owner: SELUX Corporation
Serial Number: 77534439

Owner: Senior Home Companions, Inc
Serial Number: 77568687

Serial Number: 77263073

Owner: Serta, Inc.
Serial Number: 77347778

Serial Number: 77416690

Owner: Shirazi, Babak
Serial Number: 77359021

Serial Number: 77203553

Serial Number: 77337432

Serial Number: 77337456

Serial Number: 77534651

Serial Number: 77535955

Serial Number: 77469095

Serial Number: 77469112

Serial Number: 78729297

Serial Number: 77308068

Owner: South Beach Beverage Company, Inc.
Serial Number: 77473197

Owner: SpaRitual, LLC
Serial Number: 77351189

Owner: Speedco, Inc.
Serial Number: 77298281

Owner: Speedco, Inc.
Serial Number: 77298296

Serial Number: 78719130

Owner: St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
Serial Number: 77334377

Owner: Staffing Specialists, Inc.
Serial Number: 77496990

Serial Number: 77348424

Owner: State Bank of India
Serial Number: 77512419

Owner: Stellar Interactive Solutions, Inc.
Serial Number: 77531201

Owner: Stratos International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77305034

Owner: Stratos International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77305036

Owner: Straughn, Chuck
Serial Number: 77535076

Owner: Suchin Ratanasiriwilai
Serial Number: 77222140

Owner: Sun 'n Fun Fly-In Inc.
Serial Number: 77388661

Serial Number: 77260937

Owner: Sung, Adeline Pui-Kwan
Serial Number: 77242837

Owner: Sunny Hills Services
Serial Number: 77164640

Owner: Sunny Hills Services
Serial Number: 77164641

Owner: Sunscheine World, LLC
Serial Number: 77481775

Owner: Sunscheine World, LLC
Serial Number: 77481780

Serial Number: 77456869

Owner: Surface, Lyssa, L
Serial Number: 77383770

Owner: Swan, Kimberly
Serial Number: 77438649

Owner: SwapNeat Inc.
Serial Number: 78955948

Serial Number: 77003934

Serial Number: 77418295

Owner: Syngenta Participations AG
Serial Number: 78534571

Owner: Sysco Corporation
Serial Number: 75510764

Owner: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77187216

Serial Number: 77155032

Owner: Taddeo, Donna DeCunzo
Serial Number: 77184326

Serial Number: 78927464

Serial Number: 77382888

Owner: Tech Electronics, Inc.
Serial Number: 77088685

Serial Number: 77305175

Owner: Teletronics International, Inc.
Serial Number: 77388616

Owner: Tengion, Inc.
Serial Number: 76610435

Owner: Tersano, Inc.
Serial Number: 77239644

Owner: Test Rite Products Corporation
Serial Number: 78423402

Owner: The AIR Foundation
Serial Number: 77302499

Owner: The AIR Foundation
Serial Number: 77302505

Owner: The Bowery Hotel, LLC
Serial Number: 77276301

Serial Number: 77573163

Serial Number: 77128381

Owner: The Dow Chemical Company
Serial Number: 78504255

Owner: The Faucet-Queens, Inc.
Serial Number: 77195899

Owner: The Linktree LLC
Serial Number: 78463564

Serial Number: 77244339

Owner: The Nicholas Conor Institute
Serial Number: 77404227

Owner: The Rodney A. Hamilton Living Trust
Serial Number: 77499158

Owner: The Trustees of Boston College
Serial Number: 77402301

Owner: The Trustees of the Free Speech Trust
Serial Number: 77496914

Owner: The United Methodist Publishing House
Serial Number: 76685808

Owner: The United Methodist Publishing House
Serial Number: 76685809

Serial Number: 77482627

Owner: ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77380796

Owner: ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc.
Serial Number: 77380839

Serial Number: 77531285

Serial Number: 77524533

Owner: Tinkadatz LLC
Serial Number: 77442420

Owner: TMW Systems, Inc.
Serial Number: 78516268

Serial Number: 77397875

Owner: Tommy G. Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 77497554

Serial Number: 77507083

Serial Number: 77509385

Serial Number: 78486495

Owner: TrendQuest LLC
Serial Number: 77534047

Owner: Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, Inc.
Serial Number: 77530581

Owner: Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, Inc.
Serial Number: 77381860

Owner: Triolite, Inc.
Serial Number: 77293649

Owner: Triolite, Inc.
Serial Number: 77293693

Owner: Tuffy Associates Corp./Car-X Associates Corp.
Serial Number: 77386705

Owner: Twelve Gates Productions, LLC
Serial Number: 77313312

Owner: Tyson, Joseph A.
Serial Number: 77534106

Serial Number: 77389162

Owner: United Refining Company of Pennsylvania
Serial Number: 77533393

Owner: United States Renewable Energy Association
Serial Number: 77532535

Owner: United Stationers Supply Co.
Serial Number: 77501037

Owner: United Van Lines, LLC
Serial Number: 77347031

Serial Number: 77286013

Serial Number: 77350730

Serial Number: 77422692

Serial Number: 77534051

Owner: Value Chain Group, Inc.
Serial Number: 77460798

Serial Number: 77424539

Serial Number: 77534978

Owner: Vertex Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77534424

Owner: Vertex Industries, Inc.
Serial Number: 77534408

Serial Number: 78542951

Serial Number: 76653427

Serial Number: 77532813

Serial Number: 77158919

Owner: Walnut Advisory Corporation
Serial Number: 77534878

Owner: Washington State Employees Credit Union
Serial Number: 77322981

Owner: Washington, Jacob E.
Serial Number: 77536543

Owner: Waves Licensing, LLC
Serial Number: 78648533

Serial Number: 77536366

Owner: Weber, Jeanne
Serial Number: 77261220

Owner: WebTech Wireless Inc.
Serial Number: 77359108

Owner: West Publishing Corporation
Serial Number: 77314131

Serial Number: 77543602

Serial Number: 77543608

Owner: WGI Innovations, Ltd.
Serial Number: 77536093

Owner: Whitlam Label Company
Serial Number: 78368869

Serial Number: 77347153

Owner: Willis, Philip
Serial Number: 77478844

Owner: Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards, Inc.
Serial Number: 78539731

Owner: Winter Dawn, Inc.
Serial Number: 76618793

Owner: Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association
Serial Number: 77481990

Serial Number: 73728802

Serial Number: 77322213

Owner: Wong, Sharon
Serial Number: 77533685

Owner: Workforce, Inc.
Serial Number: 77403653

Owner: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Serial Number: 78911400

Serial Number: 77380601

Owner: Yokohama Tire Corporation
Serial Number: 77470987

Serial Number: 76689815

Owner: Zapoint, Inc
Serial Number: 77299676

Serial Number: 77331139